Cameron Daddo began playing music from the “ground up”. At the age of five, he sat at the base of the family pianola and started pumping the peddles with his hands because he was too short reach them with his feet.

Throughout his life, Daddo has written his own soundtrack. Mostly known for his international acting, he always kept the fire for his music quietly burning, feeding his expression and adding balance to his life.

He has been able to incorporate music into his drama more obviously in the musicals BIG RIVER, for which he won various awards, including the “Aussie Tony” The Mo Award for Theatre Performer of the Year. Also for his performance as the Scarecrow, in the Victorian Opera’s THE WIZARD OF OZ. Cameron has also contributed songs and music to the many soundtracks of his television and movie credits.

His early bands included The Nearly Smooth Guys and Sydney’s pub sensations, Baby James. His debut album A LONG GOODBYE, was released in 1994 and featured Keith Urban on vocals and guitars, and reached #2 on the Australian Country Music charts. He was named Vocalist of the Year at the Victorian Country Music Awards and is GOLDEN GUITAR nominee for the Australian Country Music Awards, for Best New Artist and Vocalist Of the Year Awards.

And so today, after concentrating on his acting for the past decade, Cameron has made a conscious choice to bring his music to the fore. He gathered together his musical friends and recorded his new album TEN SONGS …and Change live in a café situated in North Hollywood, California.

Using his life experience as a father, a husband and artist, Cameron has continued to write words and music… TEN SONGS …and Change is a reflection of this time and as Cameron says, “This is only the beginning.” Plans to re-release his debut album A LONG GOODBYE and to record a studio album are in the works for early 2012.

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  1. I missed your concert at Oak Room in Palisades–but noticed that your next concert dates aren’t yet on the website. Love to attend future events. Please keep me on your list.


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